Lent 21: How do you experience the Kingdom of God?




My Father, who is in heaven, I submit to you as the ruler of my life. All I have is yours, Lord. Father, please help me to live by your guidelines. Establish your Kingdom on earth, Lord, so that others can come to know you. May your Kingdom extend throughout our earth, bringing more of you into our world that desperately needs your loving kindness. Please help me be faithful in advancing your Kingdom on earth. Please show me your chosen route so I can follow in your footsteps. May Thy Kingdom come among my family, friends, and the church community today. Amen.

Reading: Luke 11:14-20 – “Jesus drove out a mute demon, and the man was instantly able to speak. However, some accused Him of using Beelzebub’s power to do so. Jesus responded that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand, and if He used Beelzebub’s power, then who did they use? He concluded that if He drove out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God had come upon them.”
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Today’s Gospel reading teaches us that the Kingdom of God can reveal itself in various ways. One way is when God frees those bound by the works of the enemy. God desires to heal us both spiritually and physically, and Heaven rejoices when we are healed. However, the enemy opposes God’s redemption.

An excellent illustration is when Jesus healed a mute man by casting out a demon from him, which left people astonished. Some people who witnessed this event responded with faith and wonder, while others remained dissatisfied. Although they acknowledged that Jesus had driven out a demon, they refused to accept His divine power. Instead, they claimed that Jesus was using the power of the prince of demons, Beelzebul.

Some individuals do not believe in the power of God and refuse to have faith in it. When they witness the works of God, they may react violently and angrily, which is typical behaviour in the secular world. This behaviour can create chaos and confusion within the Christian community. However, some people’s faith is grounded in the Bible, and yearns for God’s miracles. For them, the Gospel is refreshing, invigorating, and astonishing.

May the kingdom of God be established in your life for your utmost benefit. As you read this reflection, may the miraculous works of Jesus become tangible to you and your family so that you can experience the kingdom of God here on earth. May any irrationality that opposes the miracles of God disappear, and may His Kingdom come. Amen.

Let us pray:

My glorious King of all, you are all-powerful and have full authority over all things. I humbly pray that you come and exercise your authority upon my life. Please come and establish your Kingdom in my heart. May your Kingdom of healing, deliverance, miracles, signs, and wonders come upon my life today. I ask that my heart be open to the miracles, signs, and wonders you perform in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen


What is the Kingdom of God? How would you define it?

Who rules over the kingdom of God, and who lives within it?

When will the kingdom come? Is it already here, still on its way, or both?

How—and why—should Christians live in the kingdom today?

How do you experience the Kingdom of God?

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