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Rev Joanne Sherwood: Methodist Minister

From Joanne: “I have been serving part-time in the South Bedfordshire Circuit since July 2019, through which a considerable amount of that time we have all been living under the shadow of the covid pandemic, so it has been a rather unusual experience to say the least. However, I am pleased that I can take on pastoral charge of the Olive Tree Church under unexpected circumstances, in addition to my current duties at St John’s Methodist Church.

Although I was born in East Barnet, we moved to Harlington when I was nine and Bedfordshire is where I consider home to be. My very first job when I left school at sixteen, was as a Junior Library Assistant in Luton Central Library, so Luton is a familiar place to me. My elder sister Alison and my Dad, currently live in Great Barford near Bedford (sadly, my Mum passed away in 1994). My daughter Sarah who is 28, lives near Ely in Cambridgeshire and shares a house with two other housemates in the care of supported living.

As a child, I attended the local Methodist Sunday School in East Barnet and later when I was a teenager, I worshipped at the Parish Church in Harlington for a few years, until my return to the Methodist Church from my mid-twenties up to the current time. I made a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus in my teens, that set me on a new path which has had quite a few surprises along the way, not least, God’s call to ordained ministry.

I have been a Methodist Minister for fifteen years, serving in Bristol, North Bedfordshire, Ely and Luton. I enjoy preaching and leading different styles of worship that encourage congregational participation. I like to sing and play the guitar, although, there hasn’t been much of an opportunity to do this over the past 18 months of course! I have a range of leisure interests and hobbies which include birdwatching, caravanning, steam trains, model railways, reading, gardening and knitting, to name just a few. I have a cat called Flash, who is enjoying his new surroundings in Kingsley Road and keeping an eye on wildlife visitors to the garden.

I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing in God’s work over the next couple of years. As we safely emerge from the restrictions of lockdown, we have a unique opportunity to prayerfully discern how God wants us to be church for the future.

Yours in Christ

Reverend Joanne

The Lay Members: