Youth activities

Our young people have been busy recently memorising some passages of scripture. Have a watch of this video to see how they got on.



Our  former Youth Worker Connie Berko tells about her background.

“I am a God-loving and fun young lady with a big heart for young people. I think young people are incredible, you just can’t put them in a box. Seeing positive transformation in the lives of young people is something that gives me great joy.   

“Growing up, I knew quite early on I wanted to care for people especially young people. I was convinced by the time I was in college that I was going to be a paediatric nurse. I was going to help with the recovery process of young people who are sick or injured. But God had other plans. Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘plan to be open and open to plan’? I had to plan and be open because years later I am now a youth worker.

“In my life I’ve had seasons where a few different adults played a significant role of guiding, encouraging, praying or just being a listening ear. I can also remember times where there was nobody there and I was left to figure things out on my own. These times opened my eyes to the mental, emotional and social needs that young people have but also the importance of having a positive role model to show interest, love and care.

“All my friends and family know that I have the best job in the world because I don’t get tired of telling them. I get the privilege of walking alongside incredible, talented young people in Luton each day, whether it’s at school leading an assembly, mentoring, running therapeutic groups, camping, sports fun day, weekend away or simply chatting over a hot chocolate.

“I am excited for all that God is doing at the Olive Tree Church and find it a great privilege to be part of it, especially the opportunity to disciple and care for the young people here. 

“Sitting in youth work training, conferences and seminars has taught me that ‘delivering’ God to young people is not the way, instead, it’s simply helping them to notice the ways in which each one of them is already in relationship with God. As they do that, I want to help them build rich, positive relationships with each other. I am really excited to help the Olive Tree youth notice how God is already with them, and to see them grow in their faith.”

Connie has gone on to study for Social Work at Uni.