The Olive Tree Revival Programme is from 21st to 23rd June 2024

We have invited GLOBAL AWAKENING –

Dr. Randy Clark founded Global Awakening, a Christian organisation that aims to awaken the world through a worldwide community of believers from diverse churches. 

Global Awakening provides conferences across the United States, international ministry trips, training schools for ministry, online media, books, and a network of churches, ministries, and missionaries.

Global Awakening is an excellent example of how ministers from different churches can strengthen one another through community engagement, conferences, and theology and pray for healing, impartation, miracles, signs, and wonders.

We have been challenged to pray for the Olive Tree Church
at 7.00pm each day (or at a time to suit you).
Please pray for each other especially during times of transformation, growth and new begininings

Beth Newport will be compiling our Newsletter from this point forwards. Please forward any items of interest to:

Refreshments after service

We’re in the process of drawing up rotas for the Summer. We now only have 3 pairs of volunteers for serving refreshments after the service. So please can I have another offer.

Philip usually gets the boiler going. So before service just requires setting out of items. After service, serving and clearing away. Also to provide milk.

Luton Foodbank is still desperately short of the items shown in the graphic below:-

If you’re able – please bring some of these items to church on Sunday – By the way this is a constantly on-going need! Pray for an end to poverty and a just and caring Government.

Newsletter: –

We are now back on TWITTER – follow us – and we’ll perhaps follow you!

VACANCIES!!! – come on The Olive Tree Church STILL needs YOU!!!!!

Volunteers still needed

*****. To organise transport to church  ***** To give lifts Job

***** To serve refreshments after services  ***** To be a door steward 

BUT you green-fingered lot or in fact anyone! The grounds at the Olive Tree always need tidying up so
you are always welcome to go during the week and clear some weeds! 

Please let Madit or Elaine know if you can offer to help. 

We are updating our photo board at the Olive Tree.
Please be willing to have your photo taken on Sunday or, if you have a recent photo that we can use, please let us have it or email it to – –