Ukrainian Christians turn to Psalm 31

People in Ukraine are turning to Psalm 31* (link opens in to bring them hope and comfort as they shelter in bunkers in fear of their lives.

Bible Society has worked in Ukraine for the last 30 years, translating and distributing Bibles. Its Director of International, Oldi Morava has been speaking to Premier about the current situation.

“Our dear colleagues are still working in Kyiv, where they have their headquarters. They are working very closely with a number of local churches and Christian organisations to distribute food and medicine, but also to distribute the Bible and especially Children’s Bibles, as they go from one shelter to another.

“They have noticed that during this particularly difficult time, many people want to find strength and rest, but also comfort in their faith and in God’s word. They’re finding it particularly inspiring.

“They’re reading the Book of Psalms for their own particular context. One of the Psalms that is becoming almost a Psalm for the whole of Ukraine is Psalm 31.

“I would encourage everyone to read that, but read it from the perspective of young people, children and elderly people reading it in shelters, reading it in fear and the anxiety that they’re experiencing, and see what those words actually mean to them.”

Bible Society has compiled an extremely moving video of Ukrainians reading psalm 31 in their shelters:

Christians across Ukraine have been continuing to distribute Bibles and resources to as many people as possible despite the dangers.

John Chamberlain from Mission Without Borders has been in contact overnight with one of the group’s workers, Volodia in Ukraine. Despite the size of the invading army, he tells Premier Volodia is confident faith can play a big part in defeating the Russian armed forces.

“They’ve started a full-scale war and we Christians have started a full-scale prayer. They are 150,000 and we are 2.5 billion Christians all over the world. Guess who is going to be victorious.”

Oldi Morava agrees and says there is a real sense of the world uniting in prayer at this time.

“What people in Ukraine have also experienced is this sense of unity amongst themselves and all the churches of different traditions, praying for their own people, praying for their country, but also a huge sense of solidarity around the world, from different church traditions and faiths praying for peace in Ukraine.

“I urge people to continue to pray for peace, especially for the leaders of various parties who are having to take important decisions that the Lord will change their heart and mind and they will change their plans – and those plans will be a plan for peace.

“It can feel that things are getting worse, but we need to hold fast to our faith that God is the Lord of history, and he is the one who can bring change beyond our imagination. So please pray for that.”

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