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Message from Elaine

On Wednesday January 19th 1972, fifty years ago, in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, was the first Agape of the Biscot Mill group of churches, formed a couple of years previously. Around 250 people sat down to a simple meal followed by communion in St. Andrew’s hall. A big leap into the unknown as the 4 churches had never been able to share communion under their respective denominational rules. From that we have experienced a great journey of faith over 50 years as we worshipped together and shared many fellowship and outreach times.

This year also, is the 85th anniversary of the establishment of both Blenheim and St. Margaret’s when they both began worshipping on their respective sites.

At the beginning of 2022 we, at The Olive Tree church, have so much to be thankful for. Looking back, we give thanks for the people who had the faith and commitment to open new places of worship; for the ministers and members who had the vision to work together as a group of churches in our witness to the neighbourhood. We thank God for all their service, their loyalty, but most important of all, their love of God and their desire to serve Him in this place. For many of us we can name many of these saints who are now with the Lord they so loyally served.

Now in 2022 we are The Olive Tree Church. Over the past 5 years when we became one, we have experienced great joys as we worshipped as one fellowship and set the vision and plans, we believe God has for us. Yes, the pandemic has challenged us in many ways, but God has remained faithful.

As we receive our membership cards and letters asking us to commit to the work of The Olive Tree Church through our giving, let us do so in an act of thankfulness. We have so much to be grateful for in terms of our fellowship and God’s goodness and faithfulness to us. As we consider our giving to the Olive Tree church, let us do so in a spirit of thankfulness, so that God’s work here, in this area, can continue the legacy given us 50 years ago through the coming together of the local churches and, also, through those early members, 85 years ago.

Elaine Sharpe

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