“Sometimes we find ourselves at a loss for words.” Robin Wright

I’m sharing Robin’s piece in the current Newsletter . . . .

“One of my earliest memories is being in Sunday School (room 3 at St. Margaret’s) in the small semi-round chairs.  My Sunday school teacher, Mrs, Rowe, asked us to hold our hands together in front of us like the bud of a flower, and then gradually open it to form a “flower”.  I can’t remember the exact message, but imagine it would be about the beauty of God’s  creation, or  growing in God’s Love (or something similar). 

It is amazing what things we remember.  It may be something we have learnt, or seen, or heard. 

I often have people say “I remember when you preached and you did/said….“ when I don’t actually recall it myself. 

Sometimes we find ourselves at a loss for words.  We can’t seem to think of the right thing to say, or do, to an individual, or group.   

Jesus spoke to the people of his time in parables, using examples that they would have understood.  We need to place our trust in God that he will speak through us. We shouldn’t be afraid, we need to be brave and speak out anyway, God will help us say, or do, the right thing. Sometimes we may be the only one available for him to use to spread His words of comfort and Love. 

We may never know what affect we have had on someone, but need to place ourselves in God’s hands for Him to use. 

Stay safe “

Robin Wright 

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