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We now all live in a society/culture that is mainly not Christian. The traditions that we may have grown up with are perhaps forgotten, alien or contrary to what we experience in our lives today. We find ourselves in a minority. However that, in no way, diminishes the powerful, merciful love of Christ. God is still God whether people in a particular time and place acknowledge that presence! How can we respond to our family, friends and neighbours who ask, politely we hope, what’s all this Jesus business? I know – because I constantly ask myself how I can respond; with love and confidence.

The views expressed are my personal ones and won’t necessarily reflect those of OTCLuton. I believe that God has a plan for each and every life; which is different and yet fully valued and valuable.

I have found this site pretty helpful regards sharing my faith with others.

I’ve taken the liberty of sharing the contents of an email I recently received.

I mentioned that it would be great for you to spend some time on See what’s there. See what articles/videos you really like, that you think might be most helpful. 

For example, you might be in a conversation with a Muslim. It might be great to know that we have an article that addresses the top 6 questions that Muslims have about Jesus. You can simply text them a link to that article. (Just copy the page URL and paste it into your text message.)

We have a very clear menu on the site. If you click on the headings, each menu page will show you what’s there. 

We try to be very accurate about what the article or video is about. (No click bait.) Instead, clear, honest descriptions so a person can find what they want.

We also have a great search box on the site that’s better than Google! Type in: Muslim, or atheist, or relationships, or racism, etc. and it will list those specific articles or videos for you.

Let me point out a few of the articles that might be most useful to you:

How to Know God Personally – the gospel
Is There a God? – 6 reasons God exists
What’s It Like to Know God? – a description & testimonies
Beyond Blind Faith – why Jesus is God

Peace of Mind in an Unstable World – why God is our rock
Where is God in the Midst of Tragedy? – what God offers us
Is God Good? – 2-min video addresses suffering

Sex & the Search for Intimacy – love defined by God
LGBTQ and God’s Love – how to know God’s love
Is There Hope for a Lasting Marriage? – yes, here’s why

And here’s a few more topics covered on the site:

Solution to racism
Heroin addiction / binge drinking
Purpose in life
How to find faith
Does God answer prayer?
Qs Muslims ask about Jesus
What to Do with Loneliness

There are many more, but these might be most helpful to know about.

Next email: Does this replace inviting someone to church or to a Bible study? No! I’ll discuss this next.

Marilyn Adamson Drector of

Persaps you might find it helpful to drop in on that site, maybe subscribe to their emails

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