National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast 2022 

Christians in Parliament – National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast 2022 

I had the privilege of joining the Live Stream of this wonderful event earlier this week. It was uplifting and inspiring to join with these Parliamentary Representatives and faith leaders to pray for the work of Parliament in this country and worldwide and to pray for God’s Kindom come in all aspects of our lives.

Andy Flannagan and band led the singing worship and praise. His website below.

Street Pastors founder Rev Les Isaac gave the keynote address..

I’m sharing some words from a post from Premier Christian News item on the subject:- for full article click on the link below.,7XB2V,S0HQ46,WEYTD,1

Addressing colleagues in what was a second resignation after he prevously left the role of Chancellor, he said: 

It doesn’t matter what your political perspective is, in this house . . . . I believe that we are all motivated by the national interest, and that the public expects us all, all of us, to maintain honesty and to maintain integrity in whatever we do. This is not an abstract matter.”

Sajid Javid resigned on Tuesday, July 5, saying he could no longer serve under the Prime Minister.

Speaking about that decision in the Commons on Wednesday, he said words spoken at the prayer breakfast had a big impact.

“We listened, all of us, to the words of Rev Les Isaac, who spoke about the responsibility that comes with leadership, the responsibility to serve the interests of others above your own, and to seek common ground of your party, your community, and above all, your country.”

Les Isaac had said: “God gives his people the capacity to be compassionate, not living for themselves, but living for others, and seeking to demonstrate that compassion for the weak and the poor, and the marginalised and those who are in distress . . .  there’s a challenge for us, whether we’re politicians, whether we are church leaders, there’s a challenge for us to work in a collaborative way. To work where we can work for the common good with everyone within our community.”

I suggest that you take the time to watch the recording of the Prayer Breakfast – it is now available on Youtube. It’s about an hour long. I hope that itnspires your call for integrity and responsibility in all forms of leadership.

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