Mary’s thoughts: Gospel of John

Message from Mary, our Community Worker 

On Sunday, I spoke about the apostle John and his relationship with Jesus. John was one of the 3 in the inner circle with Jesus, and these are some of the things we learnt from being in the that place with him. 

– John 13: 18-27 He knew he was loved, and he simply only needed to rest in this.  He knew if he stayed close to God and leaned into him, he would hear His whispers. 

– John 19:25-27 He saw how Jesus would trust in his care what was dear to his heart. 

– John20: 1-9 He knew that even when he didn’t understand fully the situation, he could trust in God and not question why or stop following him due to his lack of understanding. 

– John 21: 4-7 He would recognise him at work in situations. 

-John 21:20-23 He knew he only had to do what God told him to do and not worry about others. 

May you stay close to Him too and experience these wonderful life-giving truths for yourself. 

Blessings,       Mary. 

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