Letter from Rev Joanne,

Last Sunday, I celebrated my birthday and had lunch out with Alison and Sarah in Ely. I was born on my Mum’s birthday, 3rd October in the front room of our former home in East Barnet. My Dad helped the midwife deliver me when it became apparent that the umbilical cord was caught around my neck. Fortunately, I was safely delivered with no lasting effects. I do remember fondly the days when I was growing up, how Mum and I we would sit in bed opening our presents together in the morning and reading through the greetings cards we had received. Sharing a birthday with my Mum was special and over the years I have had to adjust to the missing element of my day and instead, enjoy it for what it is now.

Sarah always brings me joy with her excitement in giving me presents; her smile and laugh is infectious. I have a balloon with No. 1 Mum on it and a bright and jolly handmade card that the carers helped Sarah to make, not to mention the 2022 Steam Train Calendar and Diary, a crystal art picture and a jigsaw puzzle to complete. I am truly blessed.

Once my birthday is over, October would be a bit dreary if it wasn’t for the return of Strictly Come Dancing on TV to add some welcome sparkle to Saturday evenings, that will see us through to Christmas.

Meanwhile, we can be thankful for God’s grace that has brought us through another challenging year, always with the promise of new life and hope to come. I don’t really like the darker days of Autumn and winter, but I always look forward with hope and anticipation to the rebirth of Spring that will surely come.

There are many concerns in our lives and in the world that occupy our minds and sometimes it is hard to believe that things can change for the better, but we keep on trusting in God’s infinite mercy and grace to deliver us from evil and equip us to be the agents of change in our world in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Many blessings Reverend Joanne


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