Lent day 32: Fill us with the Holy Spirit to pray without becoming weary.

Rev Michael Anokye: LENT – 16TH MARCH 2024



Heavenly Father, I hand over all to You. Please give me the strength to follow Your plan and purpose and pray without ceasing. Fill me with the Holy Spirit to pray without becoming weary. As I study Your Word, ignite my prayer life and bring me closer to You. Amen.

READING: MARK 1:35-38. – read it HERE

Early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus left the house and went to a quiet place to pray. Simon and his companions went to search for him and finally found him. They told Jesus that everyone was looking for him. Jesus responded by suggesting that they go to nearby villages so that he could also preach there. He explained that this was the reason why he had come.


In the morning, Jesus would wake up well before dawn and go to a quiet place to pray. Even after a long day, Jesus would prioritize prayer over rest instead of sleeping more. As Spurgeon once said, Jesus would not speak to anyone until He first spoke with God. Jesus’ strength came from His relationship with God, and prayer was the key to that relationship. He understood that challenges and busyness should lead us towards prayer, not away from it.

Although we cannot know the exact content of Jesus’ prayers during His alone time with God, He likely used this opportunity to connect deeply with the Father and seek spiritual nourishment and strength. He may have prayed for Himself, His disciples, the individuals He had ministered to the night before, and even those He would encounter that day. Jesus recognized the importance of spending private time with God throughout His life. While coming together with others in God’s presence is necessary, many aspects of our Christian journey can only be understood and experienced in aloneness with God.

Spurgeon once stated that true prayer happens in private. Although public and private prayer is powerful and unifying, praying in secret has its advantages. It enables more open and complete communication between our souls and God. Jesus chose to pray in the morning because he was less likely to be distracted. This text sheds light on various aspects of Jesus’ prayer life. For Jesus, maintaining a close relationship with God was more important than merely observing the Sabbath. He desired to be alone and express his sentiments to his Father.

Let us pray:

Dear Lord, I am feeling overwhelmed with worry and exhaustion. I am struggling to pray as I should, so I ask that You take away my burdens and allow me to pray without ceasing. Thank You, Lord! Please grant me peace and help me to grow in faith during this Lenten season. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Discussion Pointers:

1. What steps are you willing to take to place your priorities on more prayer?

2. Do you take time to pray in solitude amidst your busy schedule in life and ministry or at work?

3. Jesus showed His willingness to serve the people in need. How about you?

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