Rev Michael Anokye: LENT – TUESDAY, 12 MARCH 2024



Dear Lord Jesus, we come before You today seeking Your help to bring peace into our marriages, homes, relationships, decisions, and in Your church. We humbly ask for Your guidance and wisdom to assist us in creating an atmosphere of love and harmony in all our interactions. Amen.

Mark 10:1-12 : read full chapter HERE

Jesus was asked whether a man could legally divorce his wife. He responded that Moses wrote the law on divorce because of people’s hard hearts, but God created man and woman to become one flesh, so no one should separate what God has joined together. Jesus’ disciples later asked him about this teaching, and he said that anyone who divorces their spouse and marries another commits adultery.


In Jesus’s time, divorce was debated by Rabbi Hillel and Rabbi Shammai. Hillel was strict and unpopular, while Shammai was more lenient and popular. The Pharisees asked Jesus if a man could legally divorce his wife. Matthew clarifies that they were asking if a man could divorce his wife for any reason that was not justifiable.

The debate among the Rabbis cantered around the Mosaic law, which allowed for divorce in Deuteronomy 24:1. The passage states that “if a man marries a woman, she finds no favour in his eyes because of some uncleanness; he can write her a certificate of divorce, put it in her hand, and send her out of his house.”. Read this in the context of the full Chapter HERE

The main point of contention was what constituted “uncleanness.” Rabbi Shammai believed “uncleanness” meant only sexual immorality and was the only valid reason for divorce. Rabbi Hillel believed “uncleanness” could mean any discretion, such as burning breakfast or disrespecting family.

The Pharisees attempted to trick Jesus by urging Him to say something against Moses or the widely held beliefs. However, Jesus chose to emphasize God’s plan for marriage and issue a warning against divorce. He explained that God intended for men and women to be together, and when they marry, they become one. Jesus cautioned us not to separate what God has united. By using the terms “joined together” and “separate,” Jesus reminded us that divorce is akin to an amputation. While it may be necessary under certain circumstances, it should only be considered if a severe condition calls for an extreme solution.

Marriages that function properly allow the world to see God’s love and help us connect with Him by presenting an image of Him. When marriages are healthy, they physically represent Jesus and his love for the church. During the Lenten season, Jesus teaches us to live in harmony with our families and all people.

Let us pray:

Dear Lord Jesus, may our love for one another be a source of comfort and calm in times of disagreement. We pray that You help us to become peacemakers and resolve conflicts through understanding, love, and compassion. We trust in Your grace and mercy to lead us towards a peaceful and joyful relationship. Amen.


It has been suggested that a successful marriage requires effort. What is your opinion on this statement? 

How would you describe your relationship with your partner? 

Does your relationship with your spouse impact your relationship with God, and if so, how? 

Would you agree that forgiveness is a better option than resorting to divorce? What are your thoughts on this statement?

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