Lent Day 27: Guide us to do your will

Rev Michael Anokye: LENT – MONDAY, 11 MARCH 2024



Dear Lord Jesus, I desire to please You and fulfil Your will by showing love and compassion towards others. I understand that it is Your will that I live a holy and acceptable life before You. Please help me, dear Lord, to obey and perform Your instructions as I read the Bible. Amen.

Reading: Mark 9:30-50 – Read it HERE

Jesus taught his disciples about his death and resurrection. He said that to be first, they must serve all. Welcoming one in his name is like welcoming him. Causing followers to stumble has dire consequences. Remove what causes stumbling, even if it’s hand or foot. It’s better to enter life maimed than to go to hell. Salt is beneficial but cannot be salty again if it loses saltiness.


The reading for today is a reminder that we need to be ready to face God whenever He comes or calls us. According to Jesus, hell is a place of eternal fire and agony. People will be weeping and experiencing great pain; this is an eternal death.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we opt for eternal life instead of eternal death. However, we need to be wary of letting our sinful desires dominate our actions. If we allow our sinful desires to take control of us, they can lead us toward a life of unrepentant sin that cannot be reconciled with the just nature of God.

Jesus reminds us that we can still choose eternal life over death because He is our hope. Although Jesus loves us, He hates sin. However, we can overcome sin and death through His death and resurrection. We cannot fight sin on our own, but with God’s help, we can resist temptation. Jesus encourages us to be the salt that God intended us to be. By our teachings and behaviour, we can spread the good news to those who do not yet understand it. Heaven is real, so live a life worthy and acceptable to God and for the immortality of your soul. Amen.

Let us pray:

Dear Lord, I am praying for the ability to live a godly life that pleases You.
I desire to do Your will and serve You in the way You require. I humbly recognize that I can do nothing without Your grace, wisdom, and power. Please grant me the strength and guidance to follow Your path: and do your will.


1. How do you interpret Jesus’ statement, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last and the servant of all?”

2. What do you need to do differently to be first in the context of Jesus’ words?

3. How do you ensure you continue running and, more importantly, finish the event successfully?

An interesting helpful video from BibleProject.com

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