Holy Wind, Holy Fire, Holy Spirit

This is a new song and video made especially for the Olive Tree Church, Luton’s witness in our lovely town and out there in the wide, wild world. (www. – get it!)

The idea for the song came from Pastor Rev. Michael Anokye’s preaching a few weeks ago on The Holy Spirit. God opened my heart and mind and allowed teh song to take shape and then eventually record it. I made a video to support it very quickly because Pentecost is upon us. So it’s a bit patchy.

I recorded the song in Logic Pro 11 (most recent update 13 May 2024). I used Faith acoustic guitar, Artist electric Bass and Fazeley Telecaster electric guitar. The drums I programmed from Logic’s huge array of option “drummers” – a lot of cutting, editing and trimming. The vocals and acoustic guitar were recorded through a Behringer XM85 mic (It’s a Shure SM58 clone (knock-off))

Most of the recording was done with one or two takes – not a great deal of time spent recording: all seemed to work fairly easily. I did limited editing of all parts – actually no time correction or vocal tuning (I think it needs it in some parts) but I wanted the feel to flow.

God is good and although I used a few cliches to get the message across – I wanted to tell the story without too much fuss or lyrical gymnastics.

The song is/will be available on all major streaming services – search – “Roger Huxley” or “Holy wind, holy fire, holy Spirit

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Very good mate. Sometimes its best to lay a track down live and dont get hung up on a perfect or over the top production

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