Good News from OTC

God be praised – we can announce we have invited Rev Michael Anokye to be our next Minister and he’s accepted.
Here’s the announcement from our Leadership Team:-

“We are very pleased to announce that Michael Anokye has accepted our invitation to be the minister of the Olive Tree Church.  We thank God for this and please pray for Michael and his family as they prepare to move. Please pray especially that the right school places will be found for the children.”

We have been blessed by Michael and his family on three recent occasions and had the opportunity to consider their spirit in a variety of situations. I am pleased to share with you a couple of video items.
The first is the recording of the Worship Service Michael was offered the opportunity to lead – actually at the Olive Branch (formerly St Margaret’s Methodist Church – I admit to making a poor choice for my camera (iPhone) placement – but the Holy Spirit was moving powerfully amongst us!

The second video is a personal re-imagining of Psalm 46. Michael opened our Sunday Worship on Sunday 2nd July with this Psalm – and I felt moved to share it with you.

I would like to thank the Leadership Team who have undertaken a lot of hard work and prayer to bring us to this point. I’m sure there is more of both to come! But as Michael prayed with us yesterday “Come Holy Spirit, come”!

We may not have seen those tongues of flame or felt that holy wind blowing through our hair – but the winds of change stirred by God’s Spirit have been breathed into our “dry bones”. Just as God’s “ruach” gave life to Adam and the corpses in Ezekiel’s vision – so we pray that Michael’s work in God’s ministry will awake, enliven, and prepare us for God’s transforming power to make all things new. May we be emboldened to witness here in Biscot, Luton and across time and space.

In Jesu’s loving and powerful name we pray,

Shalom – God wants us whole!

Your brother and friend,


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  1. That is wonderful news for you all at The Olive Tree Church. We hope you will be blessed with your new ministry…an answer to your prayers and the hard work of the leadership team. Blessings to you all
    Sally and Steve

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