From Louise: Autumn is here!

Hi all,

Well, we’ve finally got the heating on at home.  Certainly a sign that Summer has gone now, with changing colours of Autumn & Winter ahead of us. We have lots of birthdays in our household around this time, as I know others have, so its a good time to celebrate with family and enjoy their presence.  Its also an uncertain time too, as coughs and colds, as well as covid, are circulating and we hope that we don’t get ill and that the NHS holds out. 

In these darker days, I feel more drawn to the problems around me than any sunshine and was struck recently by one of my ‘quiet time’ readings from Bear Grylls’ ‘Soul Fuel’ daily devotional that quoted Joyce Meyer – ‘sadly, we often stare at our giant-sized problems instead of at our God’. 

How true.  In addition to that, I think we often try to do all the fire-fighting alone, in our own strength, instead of reaching out to God who is standing there with a ‘giant-sized bucket of water’ to help!  So often I am sure we miss out on help – or blessings – because we never ask.  Do you find that too?

So, I wonder if you will join me in ‘seeking God first’ and ‘casting our cares on Him’ as I remember to look more to my Lord than my worries!

Take care

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