Easter Sunday: yet another little sign of God’s care for us.

When I first checked my phone on last Easter Sunday I noticed I’d received two (missed) calls from my Bank. I checked my account on-line and there seemed no cause for me to be concerned: still a few shillings there and no unusual or unexpected transactions. I felt it a bit early to call them; deciding to ring on my walk to church.

This Easter Sunday Worship Service had complications for me: all the music and privileged leading a Prayer segment – so I was slightly anxious to be fully prepared – guitar and accessories, song sheets and prayer notes, most importantly specs! Also the sun was shining – what to wear?; even though I’d prepared clothes the evening before.

Clomping along the street, my phone screen useless in the bright early morning sunshine, I dialled (dialled? which memory attic did phrase spring from?) my Bank.

Almost instant pick-up (what poor so and so is having to work the early Easter Sunday shift?) He told me his name was Mohammed, in broad Leeds brogue – so I guess – he was Ok with working at this time. Once the security questions were answered he told me there was a note on my account and he would have to pass me on to a colleague in another department.

After an anxious minute or so a liltingly reassuring Scots voice shared the news. A third party had found my wallet and called the number on my cards. The Bank had cancelled my cards and checked the last transactions; which were small and in my usual pattern of (random) spending. Oh dear, I hadn’t even noticed the wallet’s absence!

The wallet, by my carelessness, had been left at the Salvation Army Charity Shop in Luton Town Centre – they were going to lock it away. Although relieved that all was, basically behind the scenes, well. I went into a bit of a mental fizz as I was going away to Manchester to visit my daughter and family and I hadn’t quite got all my ticketing in order. I’d like to say I’d fallen on my knees and prayed (in the church garden) but I confess I tried to sort it myself. But God, in God’s infinite goodness, had got this! I was prompted to ask whether they had cancelled my Credit Card. No they hadn’t – for some mysterious reason. The agent said he could – but I was once again prompted to ask him to keep it; the wallet was safe in a decent place and it would serve me well until I could sort alternatives.
I was all of a tremble, actually, as the Service rehearsal was about to start and my mind was not empty and receptive.

I had to trust that God who had rescued me so far would have a better plan that I could struggle to devise. Although not referring to this directly, I felt able to celebrate the joy of God’s power and love in the Prayers.

To move forward a few hours I discovered that the Salvation Army Shop has a Facebook page. I cheekily (and hopefully sent them a message. Well great blessings – I had a response informing me that they were open Easter Monday. Praise God I felt confident this was going to all work out just fine.

Easter Monday – in a downpour – I biked in and was so pleased to be re-united with my abandoned Wallet. All intact. Thank you Salvation Army Shop, Luton – they are lovely people. I’m a regular with a loyalty card – so I am a bit biased!

Thank God for the integrity and clear-thinking of all these good folks. A man has been rescued by God and all the good in the world. I apologise to my dearest wife, Kym, for the anxiety caused by an old geezer losing his marble – oops I mean wallet.

Now next time you’re in the Mall (Arndale – as I know it) – pop in to the Sally Army shop – they have some lovely stuff. In fact some days all I’m wearing, apart from pants and socks, has come from there. In fact I wore the trousers that were an innocent character in the dropped wallet incident drama on Easter Sunday. Alleluia

4 responses to “Easter Sunday: yet another little sign of God’s care for us.”

  1. We have all done similar things. So glad it worked out ok in the end…. Say hi to all especially the Manchester Branch… I trust you are wearing sen able clothes unlike some of the Stone Branch 😂😆

  2. Oh dear Roger. I felt quite sick as I started to read your Blog…I thought you’d been scammed! So pleased it all turned out well for you but can feel your pain and worry.
    Someone was surely looking over you🙏🏻
    Enjoy your time away with family.
    Love and Blessings
    Sally and Steve

  3. I had a simliar but not so dramatic occurance last week when i dropped my debit card when paying for car parking in a supermarket whilst on holiday in Keswick. Went to have a meal wirh the family in a pub. Couldnt find my card rushed back to the supermarket and all was well as someone had handed it in and got back and my madras curry was still hot! I think there is to much attention given to the negative side of humanity in the media and not enough on the positive and that there are more honest people out there than bad.

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