Doing what we can

Message from Mary: “Doing what we can

I was brought up in an era of ‘What would Jesus do’. There were bracelets you could wear and maybe even a mug you could buy with these words on it. No matter what situation you found yourself in, you would think for a moment. If Jesus was here right now, what would he do? Then being a follower of Jesus, I would try to do the best I could in that situation for that person, or persons. I have found when led in my own strength, it hasn’t always worked out well but when I’ve been led by the Lord, I have given with joy and a deep peace, I know God is in it.

Claire taking the initiative to set up the fundraiser to help the Ukrainian crises was one of those times. We were all feeling helpless as to how to help this awful invasion on innocent people, then we had the privilege to bake cakes so people would come and give money to help them. At the end of this week, we raised £800, and it will get doubled by the government scheme. Thanks to all who gave to it through baking and giving financially. Thanks to Claire for leading the way in this.

In the lady’s craft group at the end of last year, we finished off some baby blankets to give to Afghan refugees but then there were so many groups doing this that they didn’t need ours. A week or so ago I gave them to the Ukrainian centre, and they were sent to Poland to the Ukrainian refugees there.
Yesterday, at Stay and Play, someone came in with some toys and one of the two solo Mums that we are helping was there. I gave some to her and she was so happy plus food from our food supply. She needs girl’s clothing for a 2-year-old, so if you have some to give away in good condition, please let me know. The other one needs boy’s clothing for 2-year-old. Both European families are from very difficult situations.

It’s easy to help. Let’s keep our eyes open to what Jesus would do if he was here in person.


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