“Be Still”

Reflection on our Worship Service at The Branch last Sunday.
It was a privilege to be part of the gathering at The Branch (formerly St Margarets Methodist Church) following a couple of weeks of illness.

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Our Preacher Mr Roger Orr – introduced God’s word with Psalm 46 – “Be Still”. The hair on the back of my neck tingled. I had been contemplated the Psalm just one day earlier. In truth my meditation on the Psalm – composed and recorded a couple of years ago as we tumbled into the pandemic! I had dedicated to our Minister Bing and his family – just as they were vacating their position and home amid the uncertain chaos of Covid disruptions.

I admit that my contemplation had a bit of self-interest. It was a musical video piece which I felt need some promotion to achieve a wider audience: I confess I was quite proud of my composition. On Saturday morning it had only been viewed 29 times I felt it should have more! Oh dear – am I falling into the sin of selfish pride?!?

Any road up (Birmingham colloquialism) I’m sharing it with your good selves. Share it if you feel you’d like to. I’ve taken the liberty of adding a couple of other videos: including Martin Owen’s great original song “The Farmer” – a Harvest staple! Also my version of Philippa Hanna’s “You’re Still Go”

May God bless you all and continue with this creativity!

Your “Webmaster”, Roger

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