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This is a short, six minute video by well-respected New Testament scholar; Professor at various UK ans USA Universities and former Bishop of Durham. He is an excellent communicator on all matters New Testament and a devoted follower of Christ.
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More Advent dimensions: this is Roger posting.

I have adapted the following piece from Fresh Expressions

“Waiting is an art that our impatient age has forgotten.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, standing on the precipice of World War II, wrote extensively about the celebration of Advent. His call to embrace waiting and anticipation was a challenge to his contemporaries, a challenge that still resonates in our hectic modern world.
Bonhoeffer understood that Advent does not come to comfort the comfortable; it comes to the “hungry and thirsty,” to those yearning for release from the world’s imperfections. These spiritual concepts were challenging to live out in Nazi Germany and remain so in the 21st century. Yet, Advent is replete with themes like hope, anticipation, and divine mystery, which gain new relevance when celebrated: whether in Churches, homes or public places where people of Christ meet.

The name Advent comes from the Latin “adventus,” meaning “coming.” It is a period in the Christian calendar marked by preparation for both the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth and the anticipation of His Second Coming.

Originating in the 5th century, Advent‘s historical observance involved fasting and penance. This season has evolved to reflect the dual “coming” of Jesus, with various Christian traditions adopting unique observances, symbolized by distinct liturgical colors.

Fresh Expressions coach Rev. Jon Davis describes Advent as a “cadence for the soul,” a season calling with a “different rhythm” focused on patience and hope-filled waiting.

Henri Nouwen is credited for saying that “The Lord is coming, always coming. When you have ears to hear and eyes to see, you will recognize Him at any moment of your life”.

There are four weeks in the Advent season; each focusing on a particular aspect:
The first week considers HOPE

Hope: The first candle, often called the “Prophet’s Candle,” symbolizes the hope and anticipation of the coming Messiah. Lighting this candle marks the beginning of the Advent season.
Key Bible verses:

○ Isaiah 11:1: Prophecy about a shoot from Jesse, symbolizing hope in the coming Messiah.

○ Matthew 1:22: Fulfillment of the prophecy of Christ’s birth, highlighting hope realized in Jesus.

○ Luke 2:8: The shepherds, representing humble beginnings, receive the news of Jesus’ birth, embodying hope for all.

Another Advent resource which looks interesting (requires a free link to another website) is this:-

Yet another Advent resource I suggest you can plug into with daily reflections is this:-

Click on the Image to visit Dr Wilson’s site and Subscribe or read the daily devotions.

I have found Dr Wilson’s devotions very interesting, compelling and spiritually thought-provoking – have a dip in their waters.

Be awake, be patient and be expectant of Immanuel – God with us!

As a footnote: I’m grateful for the ministry of 1517, Fresh Expressions, Professor Tom Wright and Dr Ralph Wilson. I’m not connected with any, apart from using their wise teachings and also their views do not necessarily represent those of The Olive Tree Church, Luton. I take responsibility for this BlogPost

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