A Message from Barbara

It has been suggested that we pray for the church every day at 7pm. I didn’t hear this in church meeting or I might have commented that it is one more thing to make me feel guilty about! Of course it doesn’t matter what time we pray – I am looking forward to heaven where there are no clocks (Rev. 22.5) – so stick a note on the coffee jar to pray while the kettle boils, or whatever works for you.

Personally I have put a copy of the Mission Prayer with my eyedrops.

“Living God, pour out your Spirit upon your church. Grant us a new vision of your glory,
a new experience of your power,
a new faithfulness to your Word

and a new commitment to your service,
that your love may grow among us,
flow out from us
and bring the fullness of your kingdom
to this community, for Jesus’ sake.”

This leads to prayer about the ministry and other practical matters. Blessings,

Barbara Bond

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