A Lament: “Oh God . . .”

A Prayer of Lament

Oh God, we bring you this cry. You are the God who calms storms and makes wars cease; you provide food for the hungry, refuge for the oppressed.

How are we facing yet another global crisis? Nations that have suffered greatly are burdened once again. The most vulnerable are being crushed, creation is crying out, and the progress we have hoped for seems so far out of reach. The earth gives way, nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall.

We recognise and repent for our individual and corporate sins reflected in the factors driving this crisis. We confess our failure to care for your creation, our failure to care for our neighbours. Those in power have acted without compassion; the needs of the vulnerable have been overlooked. We long for a different story to be written – show us the path to restoration.

Come quickly to the aid of those on the edge of death! Open your hand to provide for those whose needs are not being met. Tear down the barriers that are blocking relief, peace and healing.

Your word reminds us that you always hear the cries of the oppressed. We remember how you have moved in mighty ways to feed the hungry before, and we trust you to do it again, Lord. We trust in you as the Prince of Peace, and praise you for your redemptive power. Your arm is not too short to save! Our hearts rest in your promises and in your power to provide.

We bless your name and lift our eyes to you in hope, our Redeemer. Amen.

I bring this from Tearfund Australia

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