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  • Lent daily Devotion: 22nd March 2024

    The more we resemble Jesus, the more the Holy Spirit fills our lives, and the more we may be misunderstood and disliked. Jesus had no choice but to endure hatred and persecution. The world dislikes anything that reflects God’s image. When we are transformed into God’s image, it affects our enemies deeply.

  • Lent Day 30:“Can YOU drink MY cup?”

    Rev Michael Anokye: LENT – 14 MARCH 2024 “CAN YOU DRINK MY CUP?” The prayer of Jesus in John 17. Father, I pray that You protect them by the power […]


    Rev Michael Anokye: LENT MONDAY 4TH MARCH TRUSTING GOD AMID SUFFERING. Prayer: In the midst of my trials, Jesus, my loving Savior, please grant me the grace to find comfort […]