About Us

Our Pastor is Rev Michael Anokye.



The Olive Tree Church emerges as a Christ-centered ministry, born out of the collaborative efforts of the Local Ecumenical Project involving St. Margaret’s Methodist Church on Montrose Avenue, Luton (LU3 1HT), and Blenheim Crescent Baptist Church situated at 42-46 Blenheim Crescent, Luton (LU3 1HB).


THE OLIVE TREE, situated at 42-46 Blenheim Crescent, Luton (LU3 1HB) is our primary venue for Sunday service, where we come together for worship, learning, and fellowship. It is also the hub for our community activities and hosts various weekly groups.

THE OLIVE BRANCH, St. Margaret’s Methodist Church is located at St Montrose Avenue, Luton, LU3 1HT. We also use it for worship during specific occasions. Additionally, it serves as a valuable community resource and provides a space for other churches to use as a place of worship.


The calling of the Olive Tree Church is to respond to wholeheartedly embrace the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, expressing this commitment through a life marked by love, fellowship, and dedicated discipleship in the pursuit of the mission of Christ. In fulfilling our calling, we are dedicated to using our resources to:

  1. Improve awareness of God’s ever-present love and celebrate the profound depth of His love for us.
  2. Facilitate the growth and learning of individuals as Christians through a framework of mutual support and care.
  3. Embrace the role of a good neighbour by extending gift aid to those in need and actively challenging injustice.
  4. Engage in the transformative work of making more followers of Christ, fostering a community of believers.
  5. Cultivate spiritual growth through an ongoing journey of deepening knowledge of God.


We extend an open invitation to everyone everywhere, presenting an opportunity to tap into the power of God and demonstrating that God can use the seemingly unqualified to do extraordinary miracles. To all who seek a more profound encounter with God, we passionately call out, urging you to join us in experiencing the transformative power of God.


Ensuring the safety and well-being of children, young people, and vulnerable adults engaged in Church activities is a collective responsibility of the entire Church community. Each participant in the Church plays a crucial role in fostering a secure environment.

The attached document outlines the safeguarding policy of the Olive Tree Church for children, young people, and vulnerable adults. To access detailed information, please download the attachment.