Prayer Focus - May 2020

During this time when we are unable to meet, please pray for each other, especially for:
•    those in residential homes and the carers looking after them;
•    those self-isolating, and those who live alone;
•    families separated from each other or who are anxious about the health and safety of loved ones;
•    those recovering from operations or undergoing medical treatment;
•    those continuing to work to provide essential services.

Also please pray for:
•    those who have lost loved ones and are going through the grief process;
•    guidance and wisdom to make the right decision about the future ministry of the church.

Continue to pray for:
•    front-line health and care workers, for their safety, and for emotional and physical strength to cope with the demands made on them;
•    the bereaved, especially those unable to gather as families to comfort each other, or to hold funerals;
•    governments and decision-makers, for wisdom to say and do the right thing at the right time;
•    scientists working to understand the virus and produce vaccines and treatment;
•    those struggling financially or anxious about their jobs, businesses and futures;
•    Christian services being broadcast online or on radio and TV, that they may bring hope and comfort to many.

A prayer for when you are anxious:
Calm me, Lord, as you calmed the storm,
Still me, Lord, keep me from harm,
Let all the tumult within me cease,
Enfold me, Lord, with your peace.

Prayers for Healing (adapted from Celebrating Common Prayer):
Grant to all who seek you the assurance of your presence, your power and your peace.
Grant your healing grace to all who are sick that they may be made whole in body, mind and spirit.
Grant to all who minister to the suffering, wisdom and skill, sympathy and patience.
Sustain and support the anxious and fearful, and lift up all who are brought low.
Hear us, Lord of life. Heal us and make us whole.

A prayer for the world:
Spirit of God come to our waiting world,
Throughout the nations may your voice be heard,
Unlock the door of hope, for you hold the key,
Spirit of God come to our world.

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