Prayer Focus – September 2021

Please pray for:
• all those who are unable to come to church at present;
• members of the fellowship, and also friends and family, who are unwell at home or in hostpital, and those who are anxious about the health of friends and family members;
• Rev. Joanne Sherwood as she begins her ministry among us, that she will feel welcome and at home, and that God will bless her ministry and make it fruitful;
• all those involved in leadership within our church, for wisdom as they guide our decisions as we go forward into the future.

At the beginning of a new academic and church year, please pray:
• for pupils and and teachers going back to school, college or university, especially children starting school and young people going away to university for the first time;
• for a safe and undisrupted term for everyone;
• for the return of our church community activities after the summer break, for Mary as she organises them and for all who will attend;
• for Messy Church on 18th September, for all the volunteers who will help and for renewed relationships with the families that come;
• for Oasis as they reopen after the summer break and continue to reach out into the community.

Pray for Afghanistan:
• that people who have fled the country will find welcome and support in the countries where they settle;
• for Afghans living in the UK who are anxious about familes and friends they have left behind;
• for those living in Afghanistan feeling under threat and worrying about their futures, for their safety, and also for protection for those still trying to leave the country and move to a safer region;
• for NGOs and charitable bodies working in Afghanistan, for wisdom as they seek to continue to support the communities they work with through this difficult and uncertain time;
• for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan;