Prayer Focus – September 2020

Please continue to pray for each other, especially for :

  • those of our fellowship who are in residential care, for their protection and wellbeing and that they will feel enfolded in love;
  • those who are still largely confined to their homes, that will know God’s presence with them lightening their days;
  • any who are unwell at the moment, those recovering from illness, those undergoing treatment and those awaiting diagnoses or operations, that they may know God’s healing touch and be filled with his peace;
  • those feeling anxious and worried about current circumstances or the future, that God will calm and reassure them.


For our church, please pray:

  • for our new minister, Joseph Forson, that as he begins his ministry among us he will be filled with God’s spirit to inspire and empower him, and also for all the family that they will know God’s blessing as they start this new chapter of their lives;
  • for Bing and Sarah and the family as they move on from us, that God will guide them and open doors of opportunity for them to serve him;
  • for our first gathering to worship together on 20th September, that we will know God’s presence and protection with us as we meet;
  • for continued guidance and inspiration as we explore new ways to connect and communicate with each other and with the local community, and to be church in a time of change and uncertainty.


 At the beginning of a new academic year, please pray:

  • for children, young people and staff returning to schools, college and university after a long absence, that they will be able to settle safely into a new year;
  • for Youthscape as they support pupils on their return, especially for their new new mental wellbeing project Headstrong, helping young people deal with grief, anxiety, isolation and the challenges of the last four months


For our world, please pray for:

  • protection, freedom, stability and good government for people experiencing oppression, political upheaval or unrest in Mali, Lebanon, Belarus and Hong Kong;
  • wisdom and guidance for the president, state governors and people of the U.S.A as they deal with coronavirus, storms and street protests and prepare for the presidential elections.