Prayer Focus – October 2020

Please continue to pray for each other, particularly for :
• the elderly members of our fellowhip, especially those in care homes, and for those trying to cope at home;
• those who are not able to attend worship, particularly those without access to our online services;
• any who are unwell at the moment, those are in or have been in hospital and those undergoing treatment, that they may all know God’s healing touch and be filled with his peace;
• any experiencing anxiety or suffering from mental health issues.

As we celebrate the beginning of autumn and God’s provision through harvest:

Give thanks for:
• access to clean water and sanitation;
• the rich abundance and variety of food for us to eat and enjoy;
• all the people who work in farming, fishing and food production, in shops and supermarkets and in delivering food and essential supplies.

Pray for:
• the local Food Bank and all those who will receive the food we have donated;
• support for children and families experiencing financial hardship, so that no child will go hungry or be denied access to nutritious meals;
• people living in poverty around the world who do not have the basic food, shelter, access to water and health care that we take for granted;
• organisations in this country and abroad working to feed the hungry and eliminate poverty.

In this time of continued uncertainty and anxiety, please pray for:
• university students beginning a new academic year, for their safety and protection and that they will still have access to a good education and be able to adjust to difficult cirumstances;
• people around our nation living in areas where stricter measures have been introduced, that they will have patience and cope with the tighter restrictions, and co-operate together to keep each other safe;
• all who are struggling financially, have lost their jobs or are worried about the future of their employment or businesses;
• fortitude and wisdom for governments, leaders and economic and scientific advisers around the world, as thaey try to manage and control the impact of the pandemic on people’s lives.