Prayer Focus – May 2021

Please continue to pray for each other, particularly for:
• the elderly members of our fellowship, especially those living in residential care or dependent on care support in their own homes;
• all who are unwell at the moment, in hospital or at home, and those receiving medical treatment or coping with long-term health conditions;
• any experiencing anxiety, loneliness or depression;
• those who have been bereaved in the last year, especially those living alone;
• for our ministers Julie and Joseph, as they lead us and as they make preparations for their own futures.

As restrictions are lifted and we begin to look forward to getting back together again, please pray for:
• our planned return to worshipping together again at the Olive Tree on Pentecost Sunday, 23rd May;
• the work of Oasis, as they begin to introduce face-to-face activities at the Olive Branch alongside online sessions;
• Mary’s gym class as it starts up again on May 17th;
• the uniformed organisations as they make decisions about returning.

In all these situations pray for wisdom in decision-making for leaders, for the safety of all those who will attend and for reassurance for those who feel nervous about returning to activities and events.

Please pray for Christian Aid Week beginning 9th May:
• for the success of events and services held during the week, face-to-face and online, especially for our own Take-Away Lunch and Zoom Quiz Night on 15th May;
• that the week will not only raise vital money but also inspire a renewed determination to tackle climate change;
• that a spirit of joyful giving will transform communities across the nation and the world.

Also please continue to pray for all affected by the pandemic especially for:
• the government, health services and people of India & other countries where cases are high;
• a fair and rapid distribution of vaccines to all nations and people.