Prayer Focus – March 2021

Please continue to pray for each other, particularly for:
• the elderly members of our fellowship and those in care homes;
• all who are unwell at the moment, in hospital or at home, and those awaiting, receiving or recovering from medical treatment;
• any experiencing anxiety, loneliness or depression;
• those unable to meet up with friends or relatives during current restrictions;
• those who are working from home, or on furlough, or worried about their job prospects for the future.

For the Olive Tree Church, please pray:
• for the successful completion of legal requirements and paperwork to formalise our union as one church, especially for the Special Church Meeting on 14th March;
• for guidance in seeking a new treasurer and in the future elections for the leadership team;
• that Oasis will settle well into their new home in The Olive Branch and that God will bless their work and give them a fruitful ministry;
• for our community worker as she continues to reach out to the local community, that she will be able to support those in need and build positive relationships;
• for our youth worker that she will be able to provide encouragement and support to the young people through these uncertain times.

For our nation and the world, please pray:
• for continued success in the rolling out of the vaccination programme in our country, and for co-operation between nations in ensuring that vaccines are made available to all people around the world, especially the most vulnerable:
• for emotional and practical support for all who have been bereaved, health workers exhausted or traumatised by what they have experienced, and all experiencing mental health problems because of the pandemic;
• for continued guidance for world leaders making difficult decisions;
• for countries that have experienced political tumoil, oppression or protests during recent months, for justice, safety and freedom for all, especially in Hong Kong, Russia and Myanmar.