Prayer Focus – January 2021

Please continue to pray for each other, particularly for:
• the elderly members of our fellowship, especially those in care homes, and for those trying to cope with health problems at home;
• all who are unwell at the moment, in hospital or at home, and those awaiting, receiving or recovering from medical treatment;
• any experiencing anxiety, loneliness or depression.

Also please pray for all those involved with preparing and producing our online services and providing worship material to people in their homes.

At the beginning of a new year, please pray for the Olive Tree Church:
• for God’s guidance as we step into the new year, that we may walk in his ways, discover the plans and purpose he has for us and be open to the new things he will do among us;
• that we will be able to meet and worship together safely again soon;
• that we will be able to stay in close contact and continue to support and encourage each other while we are unable to meet;
• for the successful purchase of a new manse and that Joseph, Nana, Baaba and Adino will be able to move to Luton to live and work among us;
• for the final completion of the legal steps necessary for us to officially become one church.

For our nation and the world, please pray:
• for wisdom for our government and for all world leaders, and for strength for them to shoulder the heavy burdens of their responsibilities:
• for the successful and speedy roll-out of the vaccination programme in our nation and all around the world, so that the vulnerable may be protected, the virus controlled and the pandemic brought to an end:
• for recovery of the world’s economies in the aftermath of the pandemic, especially for financial support for those who have been most affected;
• for the future security and well-being of our nation outside the European Union;
• for renewed determination and inspiration to rebuild a better world of justice and peace for all.