Prayer Focus – December 2020

Please continue to pray for each other, particularly for:

• the elderly members of our fellowship, especially those in care homes, and for those trying to cope at home.
• all experiencing health problems at the moment: those unwell in hospital or at home, and those awaiting, receiving or recovering from medical treatment;
• any experiencing anxiety, loneliness or depression.

Also please pray for our planned on-line Christmas services, for all those involved in preparing them and for all who will watch them, especially those who are not normally attenders of our church.

This year Christmas will be different and difficult for many people. Please pray for:
• those facing the first Christmas after a bereavement and missing a loved-one;
• any who will spend Christmas alone;
• familes unable to visit and see each other this Christmas;
• those who are struggling financially, dependent on food banks or unable to afford to buy gifts;
• people spending Christmas in hospital and care homes;
• those working over the Christmas period, especially health service and care workers.

As we remember the baby born in a stable because there was no room at the inn, please pray for those who are homeless, that they may find a place of shelter and welcome and not be turned away;

As we remember the angels song, please pray that all nations will hear the good news of peace on earth, and for an end to conflict in countries that are at war;

As we remember the magi who travelled from afar from a different culture and tradition, please pray for those living among us who are members of different faith communities and celebrate different traditions, that they too may be seekers and find the way to truth;

As we remember the flight of Mary and Joseph to Egypt, please pray for all who are refugees fleeing persecution, poverty or war, that they may find a place of protection and safety where they can settle and belong.