Minister's Message - 2nd May 2020

Dear members and friends,

Prayer Thoughts 4 is now available on your prayer page and contains some ways to help us pray for people and situations most affected by Coronavirus.

This week the Sunday service has been planned and will be led by Bing Liu. We are very grateful for a new member in the Sunday service team - Kieran Newport - who is sharing the load with Roger, dealing with the technical side of things this week, and making sure the videos arrive on Youtube ready for us to see on a Sunday morning. The order of service and YouTube link are available on the News & Services page.

We have had some offers of lock down diaries and a few households have been asked if they would contribute something over the coming weeks. This week we hear from the Kent family and also catch a glimpse of life in lock down for Rosalyn Wilson a member from High Town Methodist Church who has been worshipping with us at this time. If you would like to capture something about your week on video, let me know.

I hope that you are staying safe and well as we settle in for some more time sheltering in our homes. How thankful we must be for home and safety.

Every blessing,


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